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    April 2012
    M T W T F S S
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Add the chicks

We just bought a few chicks to raise for eggs. (DH, “If we name them, we won’t be eating them.”) So I may need to change the name of the blog to life + knitting + chicks because they take a lot of care at this stage. Plus, they’re just so darn cute to watch.

Here’s a fun activity for youngs chicks (and for the humans who observe them): Put some kind of little treat in for them–they seem to like olives–and watch them chase each other to get it. Even when you put in enough pieces for each to have one, they chase each other to get the olive in some other chick’s beak.

Now, I’m going to resist making any analogies with human behavior.

(but you know what I’m thinking, don’t you?)

uh, huh

Anyway, here’s to Stella, Lucy, Violet, Lizzie, and Sylvie. You chicks are a riot!

Really cute chickie, despite reminding me of a wolf spider

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