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    April 2012
    M T W T F S S
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Set Up

I have no idea how this blog will progress. Sometimes I feel I have things to share. Other times, I feel like, well, it’s just none of your business. I’m certainly not going to pour my heart out for just anyone to see. Other times, I’m thinking, “There’s nothing new here. Why would anyone want to read any of this.”

This may not be a very propitious beginning, but I am feeling the urge to write. You are more that welcome to read it, but I’m not making any promises about any life value you may get from it and I’m not responsible for getting your time back. Just so you know.

Why Raised Eyebrows?” Well, why not? (Are you starting with me already?) I was pondering blog titles (bleah, btw) and thought of “Slightly Sardonic,” because I can be that. But that’s not always me, and it is certainly not (hey, maybe I should have called it “Certainly Not!) who I want to be. Anyway, raised eyebrows can be very expressive, showing surprise, happiness, and peacefulness. Raised eyebrows can also be angry, sardonic (there it is) and threatening.

Yes, threatening. Tell me this never happened to you: your mom raised her eyebrows at you and not only did you know what she wanted you to do and where she wanted you to be, but you also knew that it had better be done now. See? Told you–threatening.

I’m not going to say much about myself. I hope you will get to know me through what I have to say. I will tell you I consider myself a realist with an optimistic twist. Whence come the realism and optimism? Keep reading.


(from May 2009)


Oh, man! I had a thought and now it’s gone!

um…what are you looking here for? I told you the thought was gone.

Well, anyway, now that you’re here…

…nope. nothin’. It’s not actually writer’s block, because a block implies there was something there that couldn’t get through, where as, in my case, there was something there, it got through…

and kept going.

Maybe I should get one of those…oh, what’s it called?…(this is a block, BTW, but not technically a writer’s block, because let’s be real…this isn’t writing) NOTEBOOK! Then I could write down thoughts before they get away (maybe it would help if I learned shorthand. hmmm) And just in case you’re wondering, no, there is no point to this. I told you the thought was gone. I made a full disclosure statement. Nobody twisted your eyes and made you read this. And remember this from a previous post:  “I’m not making any promises about any life value you may get from it (“it” meaning any posts I may “write”) and I’m not responsible for getting your time back.”

I’m certain you have better things to do, so bye now. I need to get to the store and buy a notebook.


(from 7/2011)