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File under: Chickens Are SO Weird!

Keeping chickens in town is generally an easy, fun, little hobby. The chickens are interesting to watch. The eggs are the yummiest. But sometimes, events take a strange turn.

Hens are known for having an “egg song” they sing to let you know they have laid an egg. Our Buff Orpington hen, Tillie, loudly sings her song in her strangely low-pitched, gravelly voice before she lays her eggs. She’s all, “Bok! Bok! It’s about to happen! Bok! Bok! I’m really gonna do it! Bok! Bok! I swear, I’m gonna lay this egg right here, right now!”

Enter our accidental rooster named Marilla (Yeah, I know. But we didn’t know he was a rooster when we got him.) Anyway, Marilla hears Tillie bokking her head off, and apparently thinks there is a threat he needs to let me know about. He’s all, “Er Uh Er Uh ERRRRRRRRRR! Something’s going on out here! Er Uh Er Uh ERRRRRRRRRR! What am I gonna do?! What am I gonna do?! I know, I’ll let that big featherless chicken take care of it. Er Uh Er Uh ERRRRRRRRRR!

So, I take care of it.

I bet our neighbors hate us.

Our accidental rooster, Marilla, in a calm moment

Our accidental rooster, Marilla, in a calm moment

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