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Mary Golden’s Rule for Long Life–UPDATED

Now that I’ve covered stories from each of my siblings, I think it is time to widen the circle a little (heh, heh.) So I put before you my darling Aunt Goldie.

Mary Golden is as lovely as her name—one of the nicest persons you would ever want to meet. She is a wonderful Christian mother and a joy and privilege to know.

Knowing Aunt Goldie, it could be difficult to explain this particular rule for living. But I conclude that my cousin Kenny (known in the family as Bim) must have been a little stinker, since he inspired it. Here it is: my sweet, darling Aunt Goldie opened the back door of their house and yelled out to Bim, “If you fall out of that tree and break your arm, I’ll break your neck!”

Surely, a rule we would all want to heed. Ergo, don’t fall out of any trees and break your arm. It’s more dangerous than one might think.

If you are wondering what “Bim” means—it is short for Bimbo. If you think it strange that a little boy would be called Bimbo, you obviously haven’t heard this song:

UPDATE: My Aunt Goldie tells me it was actually my cousin David who received this particular piece of wisdom. Makes one wonder what other deviltry has been laid erroneously at the feet of Bim, that sweet, innocent child…bwahahahaha! Sorry, I thought I could say that with a straight face. 😉

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