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And God Said, “Let There Be Cold Water”

My Dad is a wonderful man. Growing up, he and Mom made our little world loving and secure. He is also the type of person who either knows how to do things, or can figure it out. So when we were growing up, if something around the house broke, Dad fixed it.

However, in that perverse way inanimate objects sometimes use to assert their dominance over humans, objects would wait until Dad wasn’t home to cause problems. The furnace, the car, the washing machine all stopped working in their turn. It became a game we played at our house when we knew Dad had to work out of town—what’s going to break down this time?

Fast forward about 20 years. Here I am, newly wed, in a new home, in a new state, dropping my husband off at the airport, because while we were on our honeymoon, orders came through for my sailor to deploy overseas.

I know.

Anyway, Scott and I both were doing our best to keep things light at the airport the night he had to leave. So I told my husband about what happened when Dad had to go out of town, and jokingly wondered what was going to break down while he was gone.

Getting home later, you can probably imagine how upset I was. It had been a long, emotional day and I wondered if I would be able to sleep. I thought a nice, hot shower would help me relax, so I hopped in. And it would have worked, I’m sure—except for the fact that there was no hot water. The water heater was broken.

And I laughed. I felt as if God were nudging me with his elbow, saying, “Come on! It’s going to be OK.” Some people may think this is strange, but I believe God used that incident, maybe even caused it, to make me laugh and help me get my second wind.

And as an old preacher I used to know would say, “If you think God doesn’t have a sense of humor, just take a look at the person sitting next to you.”

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