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Writer’s Block Consequences

Writing about a writer’s block unblocker (do I need a thesaurus maybe?) a few random thoughts came to mind. First the block-busting question was (and I’m paraphrasing) if you could exchange your writing ability for another writer’s, would you? Would you keep the change? For my answer, just read my previous post. Personally, I’ve moved on.

What occurred to me is “How much would it stink for some of the great writers to wake up with MY writing ability?” Can you imagine being Wodehouse, Austen. . .Homer! waking up one morning and having to write about eyebrows, knitting dishcloths, the oppressive properties of. . . .sunscreen! Poor authors. They are to be pitied. And laughed at.

“I admire the feudal spirit and all, Jeeves, in the face of, kind of funny that, in the face of, I mean, such provocation, and taking all things into cons., the eyebrows in question…

“Anne, you pierce my soul! Tell me not that knitted dish cloths are forever barred from…” 

“I sing of arms and its tan!

OK, I may need to stop writing after midnight. But I’m not making any promises.


(from February 2010)

Would I want the writing ability of someone else?

(Well, probably you all would be happier.)

A writer’s block unblocker asked if one could have the writing ability of another author, whom would you chose and why. And would you exchange writing styles permanantly.

It would be great to have the writing ability of another author! I would immediately acquire the writing ability of Wodehouse and write a few more adventures of Jeeves and Wooster. And even though this scenario specifies one author, I choose to presume this means one author at a time, so next I would osmosisize (yes, that’s a word–now) the ability of Jane Austen, and find out what really happened after Anne Elliot and Captain Wentworth married. The possibilities are endless!

A permanent change is out of the question, though. Eventually, I would re-exchange my own writing ability for the great ones, write a book about my experiences, spurn the talk show circuit, buy my husband a tropical island because he loves the beach so-o-o-o much, dedicate my life to knitting dishcloths for my friends and family (actually, I think I’ve already done that) and thank God for the gift of imagination.


(from February 2010)

Oh, man! I had a thought and now it’s gone!

um…what are you looking here for? I told you the thought was gone.

Well, anyway, now that you’re here…

…nope. nothin’. It’s not actually writer’s block, because a block implies there was something there that couldn’t get through, where as, in my case, there was something there, it got through…

and kept going.

Maybe I should get one of those…oh, what’s it called?…(this is a block, BTW, but not technically a writer’s block, because let’s be real…this isn’t writing) NOTEBOOK! Then I could write down thoughts before they get away (maybe it would help if I learned shorthand. hmmm) And just in case you’re wondering, no, there is no point to this. I told you the thought was gone. I made a full disclosure statement. Nobody twisted your eyes and made you read this. And remember this from a previous post:  “I’m not making any promises about any life value you may get from it (“it” meaning any posts I may “write”) and I’m not responsible for getting your time back.”

I’m certain you have better things to do, so bye now. I need to get to the store and buy a notebook.


(from 7/2011)