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    November 2019
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A dead weight to bring us down instead of a rock to anchor us

Since I believe in small government and the sanctity of life, you could reasonably assume that the election to the Presidency of our most liberal Senator is what disturbs me most about the recent election. You would be wrong.

The utter failure of our free press to challenge Senator Obama about the many issues that they could have (and should have) investigated is a complete breach of trust with the American people. I don’t have access to the Presidential candidates. Most people don’t. We depend on our media to ask the difficult questions, to follow up on questions a candidate may try to spin or maneuver out of answering. When our free press abdicates that responsiblity (yes, OUR media does have a responsibility to US) their usefulness is ended. They become dead weight that helps bring our country down, instead of a rock that helps anchor our hard fought liberty. That the media just barely refrained from openly campaigning for President-elect Obama is not really in question. It is even being admitted now by some.

Would the outcome of the election been different if the media had been fair? We’ll never know. And that is the point. If the media is not fair in its coverage (Hey, media! “To be fair” means to be impartial AND honest. Just so you know.) we’ll never know for certain if the one who most reflects the beliefs of the people of this country is in charge. This is what we need you to do: Ask the hard questions of ALL the candidates. Follow up until you get an answer from ALL the candidates. Go after every candidate about the issues and their actions that affect the issues. Don’t waste your time, their time or our time on irrelevancies. We don’t really care about things like how a candidate makes tuna salad, but go ahead and include it if you feel you must–if you already have asked the tough questions. (We know that 24-hour news cycle can be a killer.)

To the members of the print and broadcast media who are trying to fulfill their obligations to the American people, please excuse this little rant. You have my sincere apologies for it. To the profession as a whole, however, I have no apologies to make.

(from November 2008–but still relevant)